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ETD in Management Master Thesis


start: any time
type: empirical or theoretical master theses
length: appr. 40-60 pages, depending on the empirical or theoretical nature of the thesis
requirements: no specific requirements needed


We offer ETD in Management-students the possibility to write their master thesis at our institute. You can either choose to write your thesis in cooperation with a company or you can contact us to discuss potential topics. For more information on the topics, please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess ( or Prof. Dr. Christian Matt ( In case you are interested in more than one research area, please indicate all of your areas of interest in your email.

Exemplary research areas/research topics include:

Management Concepts and Digitization

  • Digitization Strategies: Elements, Patterns
  • Value Chain and Digitization
  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
  • Business Models as a Management Instrument
  • Management Control and Digitization
  • Enterprise Networks and Virtual Enterprises

Personal ICT

  • Usage of novel information technology
  • Technology management by private users
  • Selection decisions on end-user devices and ecosystems
  • The impact of information and communication technologies on end-users


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